Tina Oswald

Executive Director, Resident Relief Foundation

Tina Oswald is a former Legal Administrator with over 25 years of experience managing various law firms. She joined an entertainment firm in 2000 and left in 2009 to team up with Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs and her previous managing director, Marry Sullivan. She helped start several companies and assisted in managing The mikeroweWORKS Foundation, a nonprofit designed to promote skilled and technical education. She joined the Gelt team in 2017 to set up The Resident Relief Foundation, a public nonprofit whose purpose is to provide rental assistance to qualified tenants hit with an unexpected financial crisis and are faced with eviction or a forced move. In her role as Executive Director, she helps raise money, identify qualified grantees, and provide financial assistance to avoid eviction. The Foundation also helps grantees by providing a financial education component and/or credit counseling to assist the individual in eliminating or reducing the need for future financial aid. Tina has a Certificate in Management Effectiveness from the University of Southern California and is an avid Trojan football fan.