Make direct Investments in MULTIFamily real estate

Make direct Investments in MULTIFamily real estate

Make direct Investments in MULTIFamily real estate


1. Initial Contract

Reach out to us in the "Contact" section and choose the most appropriate dropdown description.

2. review current offerings

For every investment opportunity, there is detailed information in the Offering Memorandum outlining the property, location, market, strategy, hold-period, projected return, and legal structure.

3. becoming an investor

Once you decide to invest in a particular offering, one of our representatives will contact you directly with more information. It is as simple as creating an investor login, signing legal documents online, and making your first investment commitment through our IMS portal. If the investment is oversubscribed, funds will be honored in the order received.

4. Monitor Progress

Receive quarterly newsletters to keep you informed on operations and capital projects for each individual investment.

5. collect your returns

Enjoy the benefits of being a real estate owner. Gelt will send quarterly distributions directly to your bank account or you may choose to receive a check by mail. When a property is sold, we will send your share of the profits based on the signed limited partnership agreement.


Gelt Will Accommodate Your 1031 Exchange.

If you have sold your "down-leg" and are looking for a cash flowing "up-leg" property, Gelt will facilitate your 1031 Exchange as a TIC investor in one of our multifamily assets. We have accommodated tens of millions of exchange dollars, and we are very well-versed in the process. Please see below our criteria:

- Exchange proceeds must be greater than $4 million
- You must have your own legal counsel and accounting team
- Gelt will be the managing member of your entity
- Exchanging entity must be an LLC/Partnership and not an individual

For more information, please reach out to us on our contact page.